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How can I tell which company is my billing company?
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Credit Card Processors:

TCHARGE / FAME PAY please cancel with their customer service department: 

FXBILLING / FXNATIVE (CSHelpCenter), please cancel at FXBilling

EPOCH, please cancel at                                                                                   Or call from the US: 800-893-8871 or Internationally: 1-310-664-5810

SEGPAY, please cancel at

NETBILLING, please cancel at
           Or call from the US: 866-362-7202 or Internationally: 1-661-621-9382

CCBILL, please cancel at                                                                               Or call from the US: 888-596-9279 or Internationally: 1-480-449-7751

LOCALBILLING, please cancel at                        Or call from the US: 877-777-3758 or Internationally: Choose Local Number Here

Paid By Check:
WTS, please cancel at

ELECTRACASH, please cancel at

Paid By Gift Cards:
All Inquiries about Gift Card Purchases are handled thru Paygarden at

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